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Acute toxicity dose of chayote (Sechium edule) leaf extract in mice and effective dose (ED50) in lowering uric acid in pyrazinamide-induced hyperuricemia in rabbits.


Herminia B. Nartatez,
Leonardo M. Aya-ay Jr.,
Cyril James T. Bual,
Kay Kashmyra T. Chio,
Sudarshan M. Gherade,
Vanessa C. Layug,
Leslie Love A. Moral,
Darleen A. Occena,
Krisha Mir A. Quico,
Kevin Christopher R. Kevin,
Amanda K. Wonosantoso,
Francis Gerwin U. Jalipa,
Melinda C. Tagle,
Geneveive D. Tupas,
Eva SanJuan

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Research Project
October 30, 2009-October 30, 2010


Hyperuricemia is an abnormally high uric acid level. It is highly correlated to the incidences of gout, urolithiasis, renal dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. Chayote (Sechium edule) can be a potential alternative for hyperuricemia management. Hence, the researches decided to determine the acute toxicity dose and effective dose (ED50) of S. edule leaf extract in lowering serum uric acid level. Six(6) female mice were used in determining the acute toxicity dose of S. edule leaf extract. Three(3) mice received a single dose of 2,000 mg/kg and another set of three(3) mice received a single dose of 5,000 mg/kg of the extract. The mice were observed for 14 days. All of the mice survived and there were no significant changes in their activity, feeding behavior, and physical characteristics were noted. Therfore, the leaf extract is non-toxic to female mice. Thirty(30) mg/kg of pyrazinamide was given to the rabbits for 14 days to induce hyperuricemia. Eight(8) test doses were administered to the rabbits for nine(9) days for approximate effective dose(AED) determination. The AED is between 63.10 mg/kg to 251.19 mg/kg. After AED was obtained, the effective dose (ED50) was determined. Five(5) test doses were administered to the rabbits for nine(9) days. Probit analysis showed that the ED50 is 155.30 mg/kg. Keywords: Hyperuricemia; Sechium edule; Uricosuric agent; Herbal Medicine

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