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Tuberculous pseudoaneurysm of the aortic arch: A case report .


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Depratment of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery - Philippine Heart Center

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Case report
The Philippine Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
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-December 2006


A 32 year old man from Nueva Ecija, Philippines was admitted to a hospital for a recurrent hemoptysis and severe chest pain. He has been having hoarseness of voice for 2 months due to paralysis of the left vocal cord. One month before the hospitalization, he started to have recurrent hemoptysis associated with chest pain radiating to the back. He was admitted to our institution for persistence of severe chest pain and massive hemoptysis. Chest radiography revealed a mass in the left paraaortic area and tuberculosis on the upper lobe of the left lung. A mass on the aorto-pulmonary window with a fistulous tract to the distal arch was noted on angiogram. The patient underwent patch graft repair of the fistulous tract opening in the aortic arch using a Dacron graft (Hemashield-Boston Scientific) under hypothermic circulatory arrest at 16 degrees Celsius. Antituberculosis pharmacotherapy was started postoperatively and maintained for a period of 6 months to one year. Tuberculous aneurysm is an extremely rare but uniformly fatal lesion if not diagnosed promptly. The English literature reports only 41 cases of tuberculous aneurysm.1 Combined medical and surgical therapies appear to offer the best chance for a cure. Close postoperative follow-up is mandatory in this group of patients.


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