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Increased phagocytosis of platelets from patients with secondary dengue virus infection by human macrophages.


Shoko Honda,
Mariko Saito,
Efren M. Dimaano,
Philip A. Morales,
Maria T. Alonzo,
Lady-Anne C. Suarez,
Natsuki Koike,
Shingo Inoue,
Atsushi Kumatori,
Ronald R. Matias,
Filipinas F. Natividad,
Kazunori Oishi

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Department of Clinical Medicine and Virology - Institute of tropical Medicine Nagasaki University

Department of Virology/Graduate School of Medicine - Tohoku University

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Publication Information

Publication Type
Publication Sub Type
Journal Article, Original
St. Luke's Journal of Medicine
Publication Date
January-June 2010


The relationship between the percent phagocytosis of platelets by differentiated THP-1 cells was examined using flow cytometry and the peripheral platelet counts, as well as platelet-associated IgG (PAIgG) in 36 patients with secondary dengue virus (DV) infections.The percent phagocytosis and the levels of PAIgG were significantly increased in these patients during the acute phase compared with the healthy volunteers. The increased percent phagocytosis and PAIgG found during the acute phase significantly decreased during the covalescent phase. An inverse correlation between platelet count and the percent phagocytosis (P=0.011) and the levels of PAIgG (P=0.041) was found among these patients during the acute phase. No correlation was found, however, between the percent phagocytosis and the levels of PAIgG. Our present data suggest that accelerated platelet phagocytosis occurs during the acute phase of secondary DV infections, and it is one of the mechanisms of thrombocytopenia in this disease


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