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Inclusion of echocardiography in Jones criteria for the diagnosis of rheumatic fever.


 Calleja Homobono B,
 Guzman Santiago V

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Philippine Journal of Cardiology
2002 Apr-Jun
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Background: The Jones Criteria for the diagnosis of rheumatic fever (RF) introduced in 1944 has had several revisions, the latest being the 1992 Update. Echocardiography is now available in developing countries and widely accepted as a superior imaging tool for valvar disease, hence its inclusion in the Jones Criteria is advocated. Methods and Results: Review of pertinent literature and our experience in patients with rheumatic heart disease (RHD) who had 2D echo-Doppler examination confirm the usefulness of echocardiography. Many patients with RHD do not recall a RF infection. From 495 patients a positive history of RF is obtainable in only 34 percent 20 yrs old with mitral stenosis (n20 yrs mitral regurgitation (n=81); 65 percent 30 yrs with aortic regurgitation (n CONCLUSION: 2D echo-Doppler study provides specific markers of carditis for mitral and/or aortic regurgitation for initial attack; and new valvar dysfunction with or without pericarditis for recurrent attack

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