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The effectiveness of beta-blockers in preventing recurrence of vasovagal syncope - A meta-analysis.


 Jimenez, Rodney,
 Cheng, Frederick,
 Caballero, Esoline

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Philippine Heart Association 36th Annual Convention


BACKGROUND: Vasovagal syncope is a common disorder of autonomic cardiovascular regulation and is said to account for more than half of patients with syncope. Frequent syncope is associated to poor quality of life and as such, prevention of episodes not only improve quality of life but avoid dangerous injuries as well. Several studies have been performed regarding the role of beta blockade in syncope. However, the available clinical evidence are conflicting and the need for stronger evidence prompted this meta-analysis
METHODS: A literature search of the MEDLlNE, Cochrane library, Embase and PubMed electronic database were conducted. Search was limited to human adult subjects and classified as randomized controlled trials in the MEDLINE database. Manual search was also done in several libraries. The Cochrane Review Manager version 4.2 software was used to compare pooled data. A standard chi square test within the RevMan was used as test for heterogeneity and a p of 0.05 was considered significant. The odds ratio and 95 percent confidence intervals were likewise calculated
RESULTS: This meta-analysis included four randomized, placebo-controlled single-center trials. A total of 206 patients were included in these trials. For all studies combined, the result shows that B-blockers did not reduce the recurrence of syncopal attacks in patients with vasovagal syncope
CONCLUSIONS: This meta-analysis shows that beta-blockers are not effective in preventing recurrent attacks in patients with vasovagal syncope. (Author)

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