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Anatomic measurements of the laryngeal framework in Filipino adult cadavers.


Jose Raindrop S. Embate,
Joel Romualdez,
William Lim

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Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery - St. Luke's Medical Center

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Journal Article, Original
Philippine Journal of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
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OBJECTIVE: To determine the size and proportion of the laryngeal cartilage framework in adult Filipino cadavers and its possible clinical and surgical implications.

DESIGN: Descriptive study

SETTING: Tertiary hospital

PATIENTS: Twenty human larynges (15 males and 5 females) were harvested from cadavers. The age range of the male subjects was 36 to 65 years and for the female subjects was at 37 to 56 years.

RESULTS: Most of the laryngeal framework measurements (except the angulation of the thyroid ala and cricoid cartilage) were larger in males compared to females. The location of the anterior commissure (B) in relation to the midpoint of the midline length of the distance from the superior thyroid notch to the lower edge of the thyroid ala on the thyroid cartilage was approximately 1.00 mm slightly above or below midpoint in females and approximately 1.00 mm above to 2.0 mm below midpoint in males. The angle made between the lines of the upper and lower edge of cricoid cartilage (FF) was approximately 35 degree in males and 45 degree in females. The internal antero-posterior (WX) and lateral distances (YZ) of the cricoid cartilage in males ranged from 16.0 to 19.60 mm and 14.00 to 32.50 respectively, while in females, it measured from only 7.70 mm to 13.20 mm and 8.00 to 12.50 mm. The mean distance between the tip of the vocal cord process and muscular process of the arytenoid cartilage in males is approximately 11.44 mm whereas that of the female arytenoids cartilage is measured at 10.26 mm on the average.

CONCLUSION: Considerable gender and race related differences in many of the geometric measurements of the laryngeal framework were observed in the study. These morphological differences have important clinical and surgical implications. They are critical to the accurate placement of needles and probes in laryngeal electromyography and vocal cord injection, medialization procedures, in performing supraglottic laryngectomy, as well as the precise planning of laryngeal framework surgery.


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