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Incidence of arrhytmia after ASD surgery among pediatric patients.


D Adriano,
E Latosa,
C Uy-Santos,
ML Casas,
T Cantre

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Journal Article, Original
Philippine Journal of Cardiology
Publication Date
April-June 1999


INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE: For this simple congenital heart defect, a significant number of patients will still develop severe dysrhythmia after operation. This study was done to determine the incidence of arrhythmia occurring after ASD surgery in pediatric patients at the Philippine Heart Center from 1993 to 1997.

METHODS: A study population of 117 patients operated on consecutively for ASD were gathered. Pre- and postoperative ECG were obtained in all patients. Different factors as to the cause of arrhythmia were gathered including age at operation, the type and duration of surgery, the size of the defect and associated lesions and their hemodynamic hemostasis.

RESULTS: Age at the time of operation was highly significant, with a mean value of 8.37 years for those without arrhythmia and 12.25 years for those who developed arrhythmias. The mean significant to ASD was 3.93 cm2 for those without and 6.00 cm2 for those who had. Other parameters as the cause of arrhythmia mentioned above were not statistically significant.

CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION: This retrospective study establishes that the age at operation and the size of ASD are causative factors arrhythmia after surgery. Long-term follow-up of postoperative ASD patients especially those who did not develop arrhythmia is recommended.


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