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Sympathetic skin responses: A case series.


 Eduardo, Emmanuel,
 Espiritu, Ma. Gerald,
 Damian, Ludwig

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The Philippine Journal of Neurology
2002 Dec
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BACKGROUND: The sympathetic skin response is a change in the skin potential following arousal stimulation. It is a simple and useful method of evaluating sympathetic skin activity. After a noxious stimulus, an alternation of the skins resistance to the electrical current is measured. The response is mediated by a pathway which includes the afferent myelinated fibers, the central nervous system, the efferent pre-and post ganglionic sympathetic c fibers, and the neuroglandular junction. This can measure and asses small fiber neuropathy
OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate that sympathetic skin response can be used to assess small fiber sensory neuropathy
To demonstrate that sympathetic skin response can be elicited using an EMG-NCV Nicole Viking model or Nicolet Spirit machine
METHODOLOGY/DESIGN: This is a descriptive, prospective study
Adult patients (18-60 years old) seen at the Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory from June 1, 2001 to September 15, 2001 with Normal EMG-NCV results presenting clinically with pain, hot or cold sensation in the legs, dryness of the skin or other complaints involving either lower or upper extremities were verbally asked if they wanted an additional SSR examination. Patients who consented were
All the subjects had an abnormal SSR as defined by an absence of the wave form or a markedly reduced amplitude. The SSR was elicited using a standard Viking or Spirit machine after settings have been modified to evaluate the autonomic and small pain fibers
CONCLUSION: All the eight patients had an abnormal SSR. Absent SSR responses with otherwise normal standard EMG and NCV findings would be consistent with small fiber type of neuropathy. The method is easy and can be done without a special program just by altering some of the machines settings
RECOMMENDATION: A prospective case cohort is recommended for further correlation. (Author)

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