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The improvised double "J" stent: a cheaper innovation.


 Castillo JC,
 Barba RJA

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Section of Urology, Department of Surgery - St. Luke's Medical Center

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Journal Article, Original
Philippine Journal of Urology
Publication Date
July-December 1998


PURPOSE: The objective of this study was to evaluate whether an improvised double "J" stent could function as a "true" stent
MATERIALS AND METHODS: A Fr. 6 70-Cm polyurethane ureteral catheter which comes along free with a standard doulbe "J" stent set was fashioned into a double "J" shape and was used in 24 patients. IT was evaluated in terms of efficiency of drainage, resistance to migration, extent of encrustations, incidence of breakage, patient comfort, and east of insertion and retrieval
RESULTS: All the stents evaluated showed efficient drainage. Only one stent migrated downwards. Encrustations were minimal and there was no incidence of breakage. The stents were well tolerated by the patients while indwelling. Insertion and removal were easy in most of the patients
CONCLUSION: With these encouraging results, this improvised stent may be a cheap viable option for selected patients requiring ureteral stenting. (Author)


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