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A memory (dementia) clinic in the Philippines: A review of a one-year experience.


Doris Mariebel D. Camagay,
Fe Esperanza C. Martinez,
Miguel A. Ramos Jr.,
Joel G. Eleazar,
Robert D. Buenaventura,
Tomas M. Realiza,
Emmanuel T. Gatchalian Sr.

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Journal Article, Original
St. Luke's Medical Journal
Publication Date
July-December 1996


The results represent only the patients who consulted at the memory clinic of the St. Luke's Medical Center's Geriatric Centre. It is to be noted that St Luke's is a tertiary private hospital that only those of higher economic status can afford. This accounts for the death of the subjects studied. Statistical trends and correlations cannot be established. This study therefore, can be considered as a preliminary report of the clinical profile of Filipino patients presenting with memory loss. Because of these limitations, therefore, the author recommends the following:

1. follow-up studies on a wider and more varied population groups enough to establish statistical trends and more meaningful results

2. other issues be explored and addressed such as caregiver burden and the role of counseling

3. further studies on various management strategies-pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic-for the treatment of dementia. (Conclusion)


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