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Dietary prescriptions of overweight and obese hospitalized patients at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital.


Maria Leisa C. Magboo,
Bernadette G. Platon,
Vincent Peter C. Magboo,
Joan P. Sumpio

Related Institution

St. Luke's Medical Center, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Publication Information

Publication Type
Sub Type
Philippine Journal of Internal Medicine
Date of Publication
September-October 2007
ISSN 0119-9641


OBJECTIVES: To describe the initial dietary prescriptions of hospitalized adult patients at the CISTH and determine the association between obesity and dietary prescriptions.

METHODS: This is prospective analytical study involving 539 hospitalized patients January to March 2003 referred to the Dietary Department for specific dietary prescriptions basing on the Nutritionist-Dietician Association of the Philippines Guidelines. They were grouped into five based on their Body Mass Index (BMI) using the Asia Pacific Criteria.

RESULTS: There were no significant differences with respect to age, sex, desirable body weight and daily total calorie requirement among five groups. The kilocalories prescribed upon admission to the overweight and obese patients are quite high [Overweight (n=92) 1749.9 + 258.48, Obese Class 1 (n=145)1770.69 + 258.28 and Obese Class II (n=40) 1829 + 295.42] when compared to the restricted-calorie diet, which are being used in the initial management of obese patients. With respect to the type of diet prescribed, the obese groups (Class I at 49 percent and Class II at 55 percent) had higher percentage of diabetic diet while the percentage of low sodium diet and low cholesterol diet were seen to be higher for the overweight and obese groups, though there was no statistical difference noted in proportion of patients based on the type of the diet prescribed among five groups. Only 3 patients came back for dietary follow-up after discharge.

CONCLUSION: The initial daily total calories prescribed to hospitalized overweight and obese hospitalized adult patients are high. It would have been ideal for these hospitalized patients to receive individualized nutritional recommendations prior to discharge. (Author)


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