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Screening of certain Philippine plants for their effect on acetylcholine-lnduced contractile activity of the guinea pig lleum.


Amy L. Calumpang

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Research Center for the Natural Sciences, University of Santo Tomas

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Book of Abstracts
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Book of Abstracts
Science and Technology Research Poster Exhibit '04


The results of a preliminary screening of 34 plants for their effects on the acetylcholine (Ach)-induced contractions on guinea pig ileum will be reported. A few of these plants are used as folk medicine in other countries, while most have not been studied pharmacologically. The response of the ileum to the methanolic plant extracts was detected using an isometric transducer and amplified by a quad bridge amp. The output was then recorded on a Windows software. The activity of the different extracts on the Ach-induced muscle contraction was compared to the activity of Atropine sulfate in a 2-mL bath volume. Plants with strong antispasmodic potential (percent inhibition of >/- 50 percent at -1 mg/mL concentration) are Drypetes monospermus leaves, Evodia arborea leaves and Syzygium leaves. Moderate activity (>/- 40 percent inhibition at ~1 mg/mL concentration) was shown by Artocarpus cumingiana leaves, Kibara coriacea stem, and Albizia acle leaves. Albizia acle stem, Listea fulva leaves, Kibara coriacea leaves and Dracontomelon dao leaves with less than 30 percent inhibition at ~1 mg/mL concentration have little relaxation effects. Strong spasmogenic activities are exhibited by the following plants: Ficus forstenii leaves and Rinorea bengalansis leaves. Moderate stimulant effects are shown by Carallia borneensis leaves, Hemigraphis colorata leaves, Kopsia arborea leaves and Tetrastigma trifoliatum leaves. (Author)

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