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Philippine heart association-council on hypertension report on survey of hypertension (Presyon 3): A report on prevalence of hypertension, awareness and treatment profile

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Council on Hypertension - Philippine Heart Association, Inc.

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Philippine Journal of Cardiology
Publication Date
January-June 2013


BACKGROUND: The Council of Hypertension (COH) has observed a progressive rise in the prevalence of hypertension in the Philippines based on the series of nationwide surveys it conducted from 1992 up to 2007. The increasing prevalence was associated with low rates of blood pressure (BP) control and treatment compliance; an increasing prevalence of co-morbidities; and evidence of target organ damage. With cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases being the most common causes of morbidity and mortality in the country, the COH conducted the present study as an update to determine the latest prevalence of hypertension, awareness, treatment profile and control rate, as well as the prevalence of co-morbidities and target organ damage.

METHODOLOGY: This is a randomized, prospective, multi-stage, stratified, nationwide survey on hypertension. The study surveyed 300 Filipinos per region (aged 12 years above) for a total target population of 3,900. Prevalence of hypertension from this base population was analyzed. History, anthropometric measurements, risk factor and co-morbidity assessment were included in the survey.

RESULTS: This nationwide survey on hypertension conducted from December 2012 to May 2013 included 626 adolescent Filipinos (12-18 years old); 3,334 adults (≥ 18 years old); and 570 elderly Filipinos (≥ 60 years old). Of the total adult population (male:48%, female: 52%), hypertension prevalence was 28%. The age-and gender- corrected prevalence of hypertension was 23%. The rate of increase started at age 30 years with male patients having a greater prevalence at age 30 to 39 years. Hypertension was more frequent among those aged at least 60 years. The prevalence of pre-hypertension was 48%; stage 1 hypertension was 48%; and stage 2 was 43%. The prevalence of hypertension was the highest in region 7 (Central Visayas) (35%), National Capital Region (33%) and Region 10 (North Mindanao) (32%). Prevalence was lowest in region 6 (Western Visayas) (13%). Prevalence was higher in urban (31%) than rural (25%) areas; and was highest in socio-economic class (SEC) Broad C (31%) and lowest in SEC-E patients (24%). Treatment rate was 56%, and was higher in urban areas and among SEC-AB/C+ (79%) and broad C (66%). Treatment compliance was 57%. The rate of BP control was 20%. Among those on medication, only 27% were controlled. The most commonly used antihypertensive medications were bate-blockers (36%); calcium channel blockers (CCB) (33%); angiotensin receptor blockers (ARB) (28%); angiotensin-converting anzyme (ACE) inhibitors (5%); and centrally acting agents (4%). Majority were on monotherapy (86%).




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