Philippine Health Research Registry


The Philippine Health Research Registry (PHRR), managed by the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development, is a tool for good governance to promote transparency and accountability in health research. PHRR is a publicly accessible database on newly approved health researches. It includes clinical trials and non-clinical studies conducted in the Philippines. The registry is compliant with the World Health Organization (WHO) standard for clinical trials registry. 



Objectives of the Registry


  • To track ongoing and newly-approved research; on what, by whom
  • To avoid duplication of research
  • To know who funds what kind of research



Creation of Account


To create an account, click the login button on the menu bar then click register or create an account button. Fill out the required information. Make sure to activate the account by clicking the activation link sent to the email address. 



Uploading to the Registry


To upload research information to the registry, log in using your registered user name and the password. Once logged in, click on “Register” or “Researches” on the sidebar then click the “+” button to add new research studies.


Once all the required fields are filled out, click on the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the research form. The submitted study will be automatically sent to the Registry Officer for checking. Alterations or modifications are not allowed once submitted for registration. You will be notified when your uploaded research is already registered together with the PHRR ID / Registry ID.


The studies registered in the registry cannot be deleted. It can, however, be edited, for updating purposes.


For clinical trials, sponsors and investigators should agree on who should take the responsibility to register the trials, especially for multi-site and multi-sponsor trials. It is recommended that whoever is responsible for securing the approval to conduct a clinical trial with the FDA be the one to upload the trial in PHRR. 


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